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“The step of obedience always precedes revelation. That pattern is evident all through the Scripture.” ― Chuck Missler

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What does The Powers of Imaginative Creativity Even Mean?

From the studies and arguments that prove God’s existence, to the science behind eating healthier and having a life of vitality, The Powers of Imaginative Creativity is a term that I use to associate transforming Monotonous information to something that is compelling and fun using music, designs and stories .

I strongly believe that with today’s constant growth in technology, education can become obsolete if it isn’t revisited on a constant basis. The Bible has always had that problem for me. Until now, that is.

If you let any atheist explain what God is, they will tell you that it is simply the bar of “the unknown”. Meaning whenever someone doesn’t understand something, it is simple to just say that God did it and at one point, when everything is understood, there will be no need for a term “God” which is someone who is all knowing.

Looking at the Bible and humans interpretations of things that happened in their era, this may seem to be true with our technology and recent discoveries. But if you dig a bit deeper you’ll find that there are also biblical discoveries as well.

Seek and ye shall find. I feel this is the strongest message that you can find in the Bible. At some point like any being, I began to question the white guy in the coloring books that was called God and if there was true eternity after death. I mean, the men who wrote the scriptures never had the opportunity to experience anything that was discovered in the 21st century so I felt that if they did, their interpretations of what they saw or felt may had been different.

So the thought of death haunted me. To the point where i wanted to live every day like it was my last. So I stopped going to church and replaced everything in my life that was of the kingdom with partying and drinking. Along this time, I lost my wife, family and everything that should have mattered because I became focused on how much I wanted to die having a boring life.

At this time, when I was alone, I decided to find out if there was science in today’s day and age that would validate God and what was said in the Bible. And then I stumbled across a man named “Chuck Missler”.

After discovering that God does exist, I discovered my destiny and I understood that my gifts that I was blessed with was true power that I can use to educate people that was like me in search of God.

I use the powers of “music” to not only inform but to also create energy through massive moving which creates air in the blood stream (This is the most important factor in a humans body outside of nutrition). This is why I only focus on releasing fast-paced music with fun & positive information so that while you are dancing you’re emotions are also being transformed.

I use the powers of “design” to help businesses. My whole life as a designer, I’ve watched small businesses who could not afford our services go to big companies such as Yellow Pages that claim to have cookie-cutter packages that could accommodate the masses. But truth is that every business is unique and should be treated as such. So with my burning desire and passion for helping people, I’ve managed to team up with designers from all over the world just to offer affordable-custom branding and designs that are tailored to fit any business or budget plus 40% of all profits made from this program will be donated to help benefit the world through Build a Business, Build a Life.

I use the powers of “stories” to transform spiritual lessons and monotonous information into something that’s fun to experience. An example of this at hand would intel me writing a story and during the cliff-hanger, someone learns something about their spirituality which in turn educates the viewers on the point of focus that I would have wanted to make. Thus, not only entertaining the audience, but giving them something fundamental to take from the story to apply to themselves and their spiritual beliefs.

Charles W. Missler (May 28, 1934 – May 1, 2018) was an American author, evangelical Christian, Bible teacher, engineer, and former businessman. He was the founder of the Koinonia House ministry based in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

As a child, he developed an intense interest in the Bible; studying it became a favourite pastime. In the 1970s, while still in the corporate world, Chuck began leading weekly Bible studies at the 30,000-member Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, in California where thousands of cassette tapes were distributed each month. At which time he was one of the founding members of the Biblical Research Center. In 1973 He and Nancy established Koinonia House.

Chuck had enjoyed a longtime, personal relationship with Hal Lindsey, who upon hearing of Chuck’s professional misfortune, encouraged him that he could be an independent author and speaker. Over the years, Chuck had developed a loyal following. (Through Doug Wetmore, head of the tape ministry of Firefighters for Christ, Chuck learned that over 7 million copies of his taped Bible studies were scattered throughout the world.) Koinonia House then became Chuck’s full-time profession. Chuck also helped start and would later be purchased by, part of the Salem Radio Network.

After a devastating Earthquake in 1992 demolished their home in Big Bear, California, Chuck and Nan moved Koinonia House to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

On the topic of radio, Chuck’s thirty minute 66/40 radio program airs on more than 3,000 radio stations worldwide and is one of the only ad-free teaching segments on Christian radio.

Chuck is a prominent speaker on the subject of bible prophecy. Chuck has numerous programs aired on the Christian television stations like GOD TV, RevelationTV, and TBN Europe, namely his biblical studies Learn the Bible in 24 Hours, The Book of Revelation, The Book of Genesis, and The Book of Daniel, as well as his topical studies Return of the Nephilim and his Angels series.

Chuck has also written a number of Books.