Welcome to JU! 🎉 It’s a school where many come to try and get noticed and signed as musical artists and talents. 🎵 The school is filled with students who have different talents and aspirations to be discovered. 🌟

Each group has its own hierarchy, and the leaders are the best in their respective crafts. Inside the walls of JU, everyone strives to be the best and attract attention. ✨ All it takes is one exceptional performance with the right person watching for their lives to be forever transformed. 🎤💫

Scene 1: “Radiant Confidence”

[Rob, a top rapper at the school, walks down the hall with a smile so large
he needs to keep his eyes closed.]

Rob: (smiling) Man, today’s gonna be a great day!

Scene 2: “Respected and Recognized”

[As Rob walks proudly down the hallway, some students acknowledge him,
giving him high fives.]

Student 1: Rob, I can’t wait to see you at the talent show!

Student 2: Yeah, man, you’re the best rapper in the school!

Scene 3: “Kindness in Action”

[An old English teacher drops his papers accidentally, and Rob stops to help
him pick them up.]

Rob: Here, let me help you, sir.

Teacher: Thank you, Rob. You’re always so kind.

Scene 4: “Mentorship in Motion”

[Marcus, a short boy, runs up to Rob, holding out a paper containing a rap
he wrote, eager for him to listen.]

Marcus: Hey, Rob! I wrote a rap. Can you check it out?

Rob: Sure, Marcus! Let’s take a break and go through it together.

Scene 5: “Inspiring Guidance”

[Marcus happily stares mesmerized by his idol Rob as he gives him
suggestions to some of his lyrics. Rob has been a role model to Marcus for
years and always helps him out.]

Marcus: Wow, Rob! That’s amazing! Thanks for the help as always!

Rob: No problem, Marcus. Keep practicing, and you’ll be great.

Scene 6: “Supporting the Music Club”

[Rob’s lunch break comes to a close, and he walks to his class when he sees
a student handing out petitions and signup sheets.]

Student: Rob, we’re collecting signatures for the music club. Will you sign?

Rob: Absolutely! Count me in.

Scene 7: “Acknowledging the Struggle”

[After his last class, Rob is leaving the school campus when he happily acknowledges
the school’s dean, Rashed, who looks severely sleep deprived. Rob greets him
and tells him to have a great day.]

Rob: Hey, Dean Rashed! Hang in there, and have a great day!

Dean Rashed: Thanks, Rob. Keep shining!

Scene 8: “Inward Illumination”

[Rob walks down the remaining steps of the campus entrance, and everything
cuts to black, showing only Rob’s smile and his eyes shut tightly from his
cheekbones flaring so high.]

Scene 9: “Unveiling Darkness”

[Within the darkness, his smile fades away, and his eyes open, revealing a
menacing facial expression.]

Scene 10: “Masked Menace”

[The scene transitions to Rob wearing a mask where only his eyes and mouth
are visible. The mask is covered in unsettling designs.]

Scene 11: “Unseen Frenzy”

[Around him within the darkness, there is a frenzied crowd that can’t be
seen. The muffled sound of shouting and cheering fills the air.]

Scene 12: “Confronting the Battered”

[Rob looks down at another person in disguise, their body bruised and
battered, covered in blood.]

Scene 13: “Plea for Mercy”

[The person weakly reaches out their hand, desperately begging Rob to stop.]

Scene 14: “Rage Unleashed”

[As the crowd’s fervor escalates, Rob’s rage takes over, and he mercilessly
stomps on the body and face of the defenseless person on the ground.]

Scene 15: “Echoes of Brutality”

[The sickening sound of bones breaking and flesh being crushed reverberates
through the room, amplifying the brutality.]

Scene 16: “Stains of Violence”

[The blood from the person’s battered body splatters onto Rob’s shoes and
clothes, creating a horrifying spectacle.]

Scene 17: “Relentless Agony”

[In a disturbing trance, Rob continues his relentless stomping, each impact
accompanied by sickening thuds and the agonized groans of the victim.]

Scene 18: “Distorted Symphony”

[The blood-soaked scene becomes a twisted dance of violence, the frenzied
crowd’s chants merging with the sickening sounds of destruction.]

Scene 19: “Lifeless Silence”

[After several merciless stomps, the person’s hands finally fall lifelessly
to the ground, and Rob abruptly stops, surrounded by a sea of silence.]

Scene 20: “Chilling Satisfaction”

[The final facial expression on Rob’s face, visible under the mask, is a
chilling mix of satisfaction and madness. The scene transitions to the next
morning as he stands outside of the campus.]

Rob: (taking a deep breath) Okay, time to face the day.

Scene 21: “Facade of Normalcy”

[Before taking his first step, he breathes deeply, his demeanor now a façade
of normalcy, concealing the darkness within.]

Rob: (forcing a smile) Let’s do this.

Scene 22: “Shocking News”

[As Rob walks within the student building, his mind jolts back to reality,
and the figment of Marcus approaching him fades away. He confronts the grim
reality where a group students is watching the news.]

Person 1: Did you hear what happened last night? It’s all over the news.
It’s shocking.

Scene 23: “The Weight of Guilt”

[Rob walks up to a girl he knows, asking where Marcus is. She looks at him,
her eyes watery.]

Rob: Hey, where’s Marcus?

Girl: (teary-eyed) I’m sorry, Rob.

[Rob’s smile drops, and his eyes widen in shock.]

Rob: What… What happened?

Girl: (pointing at the TV) Just look.

[They both look at the TV, and the news report shows the horrifying scene of
a brutal assault.]

TV Reporter: …tragic incident that took place last night. The victim has
been identified as Marcus Johnson, a student at JU…

[Rob’s expression turns to a mix of disbelief, horror, and guilt as he
realizes the implications.]

Rob: (whispering) No… Marcus… What have I done?


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