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Created & Inspired by a Mad Man.

The Dances Never Stop & Neither Does The Music! #CantStopJigginChallenge

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#CantStopJigginChallenge is a series by Rasheda where Every 2 months, Rasheda releases a new song that is inspired by his “Jigg Sound” where takes a song chosen by his fans and he recreates in with his own style. The song is then released for Free download and added to his “Jig Collection”.

Go With The Flow! 32 Bars & Counting

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On Rasheda’s Social media accounts, he post once a month, a battle between rappers where they focus on random topics and are judged on presentation, punch-lines and the ability to stay on subject. The winners are announced 2 weeks after and are decided by the amount of tags they receive from the viewers in the comment sections. Prizes are given to the winner as well as random viewers.